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With the rise in technology in the industrial construction market, companies and clients have switched to a much durable and cheap alternative. PEB construction has stormed the industrial market for its durable, relocatable and affordable options in regards to the permanent build.

What is PEB and How is it beneficial?

PEB in simple terms is a pre-engineered building that is lightweight, durable, relocatable, commercial and energy-efficient. PEB structures have a high demand as their plethora of advantages go against conventional construction methods. These structures serve every function of traditional compositions and offer added benefits according to the client’s customization. Divya Estate Management grants you all these benefits with its:

  • Storage for rent/ lease
  • Godown for rent/ lease
  • Warehouse for sale
  • Available warehouse for build-to-suit (BTS)

Divya Estate Management is the top commercial-industrial property consultant in Gujarat, offering you from a vast range of locations, industrial spaces, facilities, etc. With the rising competition in the industrial market, Divya Estate Management has come out to be the top warehouse manufacturer in Gujarat.

  • Customization according to the customer’s likings

PEB structures make customization a possibility as it lets clients customize their storage according to their needs. We see one such customization specifically in a warehouse that primarily focuses on cold storage. PEB structures come with flexibility, which conventional construction doesn’t offer, making it the most ideal for clients seeking customization and room for additional change. Divya Estate Management makes all these possibilities come to life by extending services that suit your specific needs all across Gujarat. Hesitate no more, get in touch with us today to get your best deal today.

  • On-time delivery: 

PEB structures are widely used amongst many renowned companies and often consumes less time for construction. PEB structures are manufactured in the plant and then shipped directly for installation, in turn, saving up to 40 per cent time in comparison to conventional building methods. These specific benefits make providing our customers with on-time delivery with an additional touch of our advanced manufacturing machinery and techniques. Make haste and get your best deal today through Divya Estate Management.

  • Cost-effective and reasonable pricing:

PEB structures are made of high-end stainless steel and need primary maintenance and do not cost you a ton. Divya Estate Management provides the clients with pocket-friendly and budget-friendly options due to competitive pricing that benefits the customers exceedingly.

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