Today, Gujarat’s industrial products garner global attention, spanning from handheld items to large-scale machinery. Gujarat has consistently led in industrial construction and development, with the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) serving as its primary driver. With over 70,000 units across 239 industrial estates, GIDC stands as the cornerstone of Gujarat’s industrial progress.

GIDC industrial parks offer strategic locations, robust infrastructure, and cost-effective solutions for businesses. Sanand’s proximity to major transportation routes enhances accessibility to markets. The cluster effect in Sanand fosters collaboration and growth opportunities within industries. GIDC’s administrative support and incentives further encourage industrial development in this thriving location.

Sanand GIDC is home to manufacturing plants of renowned companies, including: Tata Motors, Ford India, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics, Colgate-Palmolive India, Nestlé India, PepsiCo India, Bosch Limited, Adani Gas Limited, Gujarat Heavy, Chemicals Limited (GHCL).

The choice of GIDC is based on its strategic advantages, which encompass the following benefits of the location:

Bulk drug parks are specialized zones for mass-producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. They provide shared infrastructure to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. These parks foster collaboration, innovation, and regulatory compliance, ensuring environmental sustainability. Located strategically, they attract investments and promote India’s global pharmaceutical leadership.

The Ceramic Park in Morbi, Gujarat, is a thriving industrial zone known for its ceramic manufacturing excellence. It hosts a multitude of factories producing various ceramic products. With top-notch infrastructure and a cluster effect encouraging collaboration, Morbi is a prominent hub for ceramic production. Government support and incentives further enhance the competitiveness of businesses within the park.

The Vehicle Scrappage & Recycling Park in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, facilitates the sustainable disposal of end-of-life vehicles. Equipped with advanced recycling facilities, it promotes environmentally responsible practices and supports the transition to a circular economy in the automotive industry.

PM Mitra Textile Park in Navsari, Gujarat, provides top-notch infrastructure for textile manufacturing. It’s a key driver of economic growth and innovation in the region, supported by government incentives to attract investment and promote job creation.

The Agro Food Parks in Banaskantha and Rajkot districts of Gujarat are leading centres for agricultural and food processing. With modern infrastructure and government support, they enhance efficiency, quality, and market access for local farmers and processors, driving economic growth in the regions.

The Seafood Parks in Valsad and Porbandar, Gujarat, are key hubs for seafood processing and export. Equipped with modern facilities, they enhance the competitiveness of local seafood businesses and facilitate market access. These parks play a crucial role in driving growth and development in the seafood sector of Gujarat.

The Medical Devices Park in Rajkot, Gujarat, is a specialized hub for manufacturing medical devices. Equipped with modern infrastructure, it fosters innovation and competitiveness in the sector. Supported by government incentives, the park drives growth in the healthcare industry and boosts economic development in the region.