The expansion of an MNC or a Business is an unconventional and time-consuming process. The company faces many challenges and hurdles during implementation, such as legal procedures, regional market environment, culture, etc. Conventionally, business success depends on the right choices and important decisions made during the process of planning and execution of a project. Generally, any firm needs to undergo the following procedure while its expansion process:

  • To establish an office in the following region to manage their administrative work.
  • To set up Industrial space near the region, which is well-connected to the urban area.
  • And finally, to deliver their Products and services to their potential customers.

The initial step for any company is to consider whether there is a suitable consulting firm that offers all the services under one roof. The consultation comes with various benefits that aid in fostering business growth and developing awareness of the basic regional market structure with their deep insights. 

This blog talks about the standard industrious services of the industrial real estate field. Divya Estate Management is the top Real estate consultant in Gujarat, renowned for its premium services.

An insight into the specialized Industrial services sought after by MNCs and business

The firm helps the client offer their assistance by knowing the business objective, purpose, time duration, business requirements, electricity requirements, and water supply requirements.

By evaluating all the factors, the consultancy aids the business with top-tier services at a cost-effective price.

How Investment Consultancy helps MNCs or businesses generate more revenue: 

After understanding the client’s requirements, the consultant will help the investor to find the most suitable land, survey, and help the customer to invest after informing the customer of the advantages and disadvantages to enjoy the maximum profit. It is advised to invest in Pre-leased properties for investment purposes, undertaking a good locking period. Investment consultancy helps clients invest their money in industrial real estate, availing a higher return on investment (ROI). These specified services also go along with the investment consultancy:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Value Creation
  • Attractive location with higher rental yields
  • Low Maintenance

Perks of owning an Industrial Land: 

Industrial Land

In addition to different industrial structures, if the company wants to build the structure according to their needs, there are also various options. This may include Built-to-suit, in which the client has the ability to mold theindustrial structure as per their requirement.

Industrial land must be non-agricultural land (N/A) and can only be used for industrial purposes. 

If you have land and want to allocate it, you can contact a real estate company. (we also help in the NA/ title clear process)

How does the Industrial Turnkey Project help generate more output.

Industrial turnkey projects imply aiding clients with all the facilities, from start to end… this includes:

  • Construction – Space Planning, Designing, and installation
  • Ample good Industrial alternatives
  • Liaisoning Process
  • Aid till the allotment process.
  • On-time handover

Industrial Turnkey Projects are highly recommendable, as the entire process is handled by professionals, capturing in-depth local market knowledge and resources at the best prices on the market.   


Some of the unspoken distinctions between Warehouse and Industrial Shed:

Warehouse and Industrial ShedIf the client aspires to establish a manufacturing unit or storage facility, then a warehouse or an industrial shed is a perfect deal. As per the client’s requirement, there are different types of warehouses such as cold storage, normal warehouse, Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), etc. 

The common facility provided in both industrial structures are 24*7 Electricity supply, Quality infrastructure, standard drainage facility, Labour quarters, high-end security, and many more facilities, and in a prime locality. With the help of the right consultant, an MNC or a business can avail ideal storage accommodation for their needs. 

Where can you find all of these:
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