In today’s dynamic industrial landscape, the demand for industrial turnkey projects is skyrocketing, the fundamental service that assists clients from financial planning to the final setup of industrial structures. The comprehensive turnkey project process includes planning, land allocation, design, construction, furnishing, and more. 

All of the working methodology is tailored to meet the business goals, ensuring that every aspect is optimized to develop an impactful strategy for achieving success.

Discover the exciting advantages of  turnkey industrial projects

Streamline Project Management 

The project is managed by a single firm, making it easier for middle and lower management workers to follow the directives. Efficient communication and improved coordination are assured with Streamline Project Management. Elevate your project through expert third-party involvement, minimizing deviations and maximizing results.. The company determines the business objective and makes the strategy accordingly. As the entire process is decentralized, the administrative burden is reduced. 

Experience the power of the double Cs – Convenient and Customizable

An industrial turnkey project is convenient and customizable as per the client’s need, and personalized to meet their business goals. To cater to the client’s comfort, the project is situated in a prime area featuring a well-linked highway network with top-notch transportation facilities for seamless accessibility. The project is customized to meet the requirements of the manufacturing unit or a storage facility. Depending on the type of business, different facilities require varying storage and ventilation needs. For example, a warehouse needs ample space and inventory management, while a manufacturing unit requires an open ventilation space and a customized machine repository area.

Comprehensive End-to-end Solutions:

Establishing or expanding any business or MNC involves a comprehensive and complex process. The company may not have sufficient knowledge of the local market or sufficient industrial exposure. It is highly recommended to entrust the industrial needs of the company to a know ledge able local consultancy.

In an industrial turnkey project, the consultancy handles the process and provides critical solutions.

They assist at every step from the designing process, providing effective strategy, construction process, and liasoning process, till the delivery of the final product. All of these services are achieved under a single roof, eliminating the need for clients to go elsewhere, making it extremely convenient for businesses.

Affordable and timely completion of projects

Achieving your industrial project goals at a budget-friendly and cost-effective price is made possible through a vast network of developers and professionals. Choosing the right firm can help you obtain a cost-effective industrial project; they collaborate with raw material providers, labor contractors, designers, and furnishing teams handled by professionals. Implying on the effective team, the part is assured of on-time project delivery and quality infrastructure. The time of delivery of the product is anticipated before the time of construction, which helps the business make the decision accordingly. 

Get the top-notch service with the help of an expert consultant.

Divya Estate Management is an industrial real estate consultant in Gujarat that is regarded highly for its transparency and commitment to meeting client needs. With over 23 years of experience, the firm has established a strong track record of providing expert advice to businesses looking to navigate the complex world of industrial real estate. 

Our industrial services include Industrial sheds, warehouses, factories, and industrial turnkey projects. Our industrial turnkey projects can provide you with the best structure at a budget-friendly cost. 

Our key industrial turnkey project includes:

  • Hitachi
  • SR Paper
  • Arvind Envisol
  • Vardhman Houseware LLP

We strive to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for their investments.


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