Securing your ideal industrial land can be tiresome. With limited knowledge and reach, one can easily miss the potential lands. Worry no more for Divya Estate is the top industrial/ agricultural land broker in Gandhidham, Mundra Port, Kutch, just to help you in acquiring the land that suits your taste and satisfies your preferences the best.

Why is investing in an industrial plot for sale in Ahmedabad a clever choice?

Ahmedabad is one of the major cities of Gujarat and one of the largest industrial hubs full of aspects that make it a convenient location. Situated 25 kilometres from the capital of Gujarat, the city excels in providing industrialists with:

  • Easy access to the city with well-developed roads, connecting Ahmedabad to other major cities and states making transportation by roadway smoother. 
  • Convenience in import and export of goods with effortless access to the airport and ports.
  • Connection to resources such as water, gas, and electricity to let your business run smoothly.
  • Access to hospitals, fire stations, and hotels.
  • A diverse market that helps your business grow.

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Many options of land

Available industrial land& agriculture land / industrial plot / with availability of all facilities like water, gas connectivity, power, road, railway. available land 20 acres to 75000 acres.

Why are we one of the top property dealers in Ahmedabad, and what makes us different?

Known distinctively amongst the top industrial giants for their admirable work as the leading industrial/ agricultural land consultant in Ahmedabad, Divya Estate lives up to its reputation as the best. Divya Estate as the top industrial/ agricultural land broker in Ahmedabad aims to make its clients’ work easier with its:

Detailed access to prime locations in Gujarat.
Easy licencing and paperwork.
Pocket-friendly choices to your liking.
22+ years of experience in the field with 100% customer satisfaction.
A team of highly-trained professionals.

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