Why Ahmedabad is the best location to buy Agricultural land / industrial land for sale?

Ahmedabad is known as the Manchester of India due to its textile production. In addition, the city is also home to one of the oldest industries in the world. The city is also a major exporter of jewellery worldwide. Many giant companies surround Ahmedabad, including Nirma, Adani, Reliance, Zydus, Tata, Ford, Hero, Maruti Suzuki, and various pharmaceutical and biotech firms. In addition, the city has become a major source of livelihood for all Indians. The city is also becoming first choice is merely 15 km from the capital of Gujarat – Gandhinagar.

What do you mean by Agricultural land?

Agricultural land is defined that the land may use for crops or agriculture purpose only. This land may not use for agricultural purpose.

What do you mean by Industrial land?

The definition of industrial land is land that may be used for industrial purposes. In order to use land for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes, the owner must get approval from the appropriate authorities.

What do you mean Non-agricultural land?

Non-agricultural land is not involved in or concerned with farming or agriculture. The land can be used for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes.

Advantage of selecting Ahmedabad to buy industrial land/Agricultural land
  • Ease of the doing: The process of converting agricultural land to non-agricultural land does not take long. It is supported and assisted by the government and officials to convert land.
  • Well-developed road: Ahmedabad is a city that is well connected to all parts of India. State highways and major national highways connect the city with major cities and states.
  • Availability of all amenities: There are plenty of hospitals, Garden, hostels, PGs, schools, collages, railway, domestic and international airport, metro.
  • International Airport and Big railways station: This facility help each business man for easy transportation and travel each part of the world.
  • Narmada canal: The Narmada canal passes through Ahmedabad, which is an advantage for many industries. Through sub canals, Narmada water is distributed throughout the city.
Why Divya Estate Management:

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